Mulvane PIX Marquee Policy


The Mulvane PIX Marquee serves as a community communication tool to promote city, chamber, and community events. This policy outlines the guidelines for the appropriate use of the marquee to ensure consistent and community-focused messaging.

Eligibility for Messaging:

    • The Mulvane PIX Marquee is reserved exclusively for promoting city-sponsored events, chamber events, and community-wide activities that benefit the residents of Mulvane.

Prohibited Messages:

    • Personal messages, advertisements for private businesses or services, political messages, and any content that is not related to city, chamber, or community events are strictly prohibited.

Message Content:

    • Messages displayed on the marquee should be concise, clear, and relevant to the event being promoted. Organizers are encouraged to provide essential details such as event date, time, and location.
  • Submission Process:
    • All requests for marquee messages must be submitted online at or via email at Requests should include event details and any specific messaging requirements.
    • Due to the increase in requests for marquee messages, there is a $50 fee for local organizations (other than the City of Mulvane, Mulvane Chamber, & Mulvane Community Foundation) to promote your community events/meetings. It takes about an hour to prepare messages and change the sign. The fee covers the time it takes to update the sign and maintain the letters.

Approval Process:

    • Messages will be reviewed for compliance with this policy before being displayed on the marquee. Approval will be granted based on the relevance, availability, and appropriateness of the message to the Mulvane community at the discretion of the Mulvane Chamber director.

Duration of Display:

    • Messages will be displayed for a duration determined by the Mulvane Chamber director, considering the event’s date and relevance. Extended display periods may be granted for major community events or city-wide initiatives.


    • The Chamber director is currently updating messages as needed. Organizers should notify the chamber of any changes or updates to their event details.

This policy has been approved by the Mulvane Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is subject to change at any time.

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