We serve up coffee. All day. Every day. Like… really good coffee. Like.. you’ll be spoiled and not look back coffee.  Coffee is the great unifier!  Ranging from your “regular cup o’ joe” to third wave crafted coffee to our twist on the cult favorite iced caramel macchiatos. We dreamed it and so we did it ☺︎

A place to land. A place to carry with you on your way.  A place to meet. A place to be taken care of, to collaborate, to get what you want, where you are.  Marrying these feelings in our presentation from beginning to end. Your morning tradition, your afternoon pick-me-up, your evening aperitif, your impromptu oasis.

But what else?   Coffee’s not for you?  Well get in here anyways! Over half of our drink menu is dedicated to non-coffee options:  beautifully sourced loose-leaf teas, in-house juiced lemonades, made fresh from scratch non-dairy mylks and infused syrups, decaf coffee that is far from slummin it, not-from-a-mix seasonal smoothies, locally brewed kombucha on tap. PLUS, some leave-you-feelin-good bites to eat! gluten-free, vegan and keto-friendly options if you want or need them (trust us, they’re delicious).

1002 N 2nd Ave
Mulvane, KS 67110

Phone: (316) 777-6616
Web Site: https://www.janeslanding.com/

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