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What is a Community Foundation?

A Community Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that serves as a hub for charitable giving in a particular geographic area. Community Foundations collect donations from individuals, families, and businesses, and then invest those funds in a variety of ways to benefit the community.

Malissa Long, Part-Time Executive Director

Malissa found her love of community building as a founding member of Austin Fiber Artist and  working to get the city to realize fashions impact on the local economy.  After moving to Kansas, she got heavily involved at MakeICT. She is looking forward to using what she has learned to positively impact Mulvane.

Community Foundations can provide a variety of services to donors, including:

  • Donor-advised funds: These funds allow donors to make a charitable contribution and then advise the Community Foundation on investing and distributing the funds.
  • Grantmaking: Community Foundations can make grants to nonprofits and other organizations that are working to improve the community.
  • Scholarships: Community Foundations can provide scholarships to students pursuing higher education.
  • Legacy planning: Community Foundations can help donors plan to distribute their assets after they pass away.

Community Foundations play an important role in building strong, vibrant communities. By providing a central place for charitable giving, Community Foundations can help ensure that the community’s needs are met. Community Foundations are a great way to give back to your community. If you want to make a difference, consider donating to or volunteering with a community foundation. 

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