2025-2027 Street Banner & Book Drive Promotion

It’s Street Banner time again and we are very excited for this year’s theme: Nostalgic Routes! Our street banners will be using images from local author Grant Snider’s book “One Boy Watching,” which depicts scenes from Mulvane during his childhood bus rides. We will be using 17 different images from this book to create a diverse display throughout Mulvane. Your street banner purchase will also include a copy of the book.

The banners will be 72” x 30” and made of Poly Canvas. Your business or organization name will appear on the banner. 

Banner cost:

  • $250 – Active Chamber members
  • $100 – To make sure your banner is downtown on Main Street (only 12 spots available – so please call or email ASAP to reserve your spot)
  • $325 – Non-Chamber members


  1. The name of your business or organization will be displayed along Rock Road, K-15, 2nd Street, or Main Street.
  2. The banners will be displayed on the City’s light poles from January to November for three years: 2025-2027.
  3. At the end of that 3-year period we will return the banner to you.
  4. The City of Mulvane has agreed to maintain the pole brackets and banners.
  5. This is an economical and effective way of both supporting our community through beautification as well as marketing your business or organization.
  6. Your investment adds to the beauty of Mulvane, and also helps to impact literacy for our youngest Wildcats.

Alongside these new street banners, we want to provide every student in Kindergarten through 2nd grade with a copy of “One Boy Watching.” We’re calling this book drive “Pages of Possibility.” We are working with Grant and Munson Primary to set up a presentation in which every student will receive their new book before Christmas break. When the new banners go up in January 2025, students will be excited to see them and understand that Mulvane kids can grow up to do lots of things: including writing a book!

Here’s where your business can help! We have 40 $100 sponsorships available. Your sponsorship will provide 10 books and each book will include a book tag on the inside cover that says, “This book provided by (your business logo/name).” You are welcome to sponsor as many books as you would like. 

There will be a banner reveal presentation in December at Munson Primary when we distribute the books as well. If you would like to be a part of this ceremony, please reach out. Thank you!

To place your banner order, fill out the bottom portion of this webpage for each street banner you want to order and pay online here or mail your check to the Chamber no later than July 12, 2024.

Mulvane Chamber of Commerce

104 Prather

Mulvane KS 67110

*A small convenience fee will be added to your total if you choose to pay online

2025-2027 Street Banner Promotion

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